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Traditional Marketing Is Still Needed

Although the momentum has swung in the past decade to the internet and social media, traditional ways of marketing are going to remain important. Print and television advertising, product placement, point of purchase advertising, email marketing and even marketing contests will never go out of style. They will continue to reach large swathes of consumers. Companies will continue to sponsor sports and cultural events. If anything, these will grow in importance as brand loyalty becomes the key to success. Goodyear is not about to deflate its blimp!

Marketing is an inexact science and, as with the new media, cost overruns and errors of process can occur just as easily with the old tried-and-true methods of marketing. The good news is that reducing overhead costs doesn’t automatically have to mean cutbacks in staffing or promotional reach. It will pay to investigate outsourcing first as a way of saving money and increasing profits.



Lead Generation Marketing Campaigns

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Lead generation marketing campaigns can provide your small business with a steady stream of prospective new customers, as well as encourage brand recognition and awareness. What’s an example of lead generation marketing? You’re looking at it!

One of the best devices in a marketer’s toolbox is the explainer video. With today’s digital filmmaking techniques, video promos have never been easier to make and serve as effective advertising campaigns.

Your video should highlight a problem that potential customers may be having and then explain what your company does to help solve it. Visuals of your product or graphics, like maps or charts, are useful ways to inform and entertain while maintaining your branding. Humour can be a great way to engage viewers and ensure that they remember you. Animation attracts a wide demographic and can deal with even the most technical subject with flair, while live action promos can appeal more strongly to the emotions.

Make us laugh, tell a story, inform and entertain – a promo video can be both fun and effective!
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Promotional videos and animations have recently become very popular for lead generation marketing. Unfortunately, many small businesses attempt to make these short digital films themselves. Unless someone on your team has filmmaking experience, these in-house promos can look embarrassingly bad.

Common Errors


Probably the most common mistake you can make is to rely on staff (or their relatives) to star in your video. If your company CEO or salesperson is very charismatic, it can work; but many times, your colleagues will simply look wooden, false or amateurish in live action; not a good look for a quality explainer video. Better to leave the acting to the professionals for your advertising campaigns!


Trying to save money on production values can also lead to substandard video. We’ve all seen promos where no one can concentrate on what’s being said because the narrator is wearing such a bad wig.


Work with a Marketing Agency


Rather than attempting to make a video on your own, partner with a creative marketing agency. These professionals have expertise in the area and the cost can be surprisingly affordable. With the help of a creative marketing agency, you’ll be able to produce a video you can be proud of – one that will attract new customers and highlight your branding.